Native Favorites Gift Box


  • Seka Hills – Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Ceramic Mug – Dancer Design
  • SweetGrass Trading Wild Rice Pancake Mix**
  • Bisonberry Blends Bar- Made with Cherries, Chipotle and Maple Syrup
  • Red Lake Chokecherry Syrup
  • Tribal Tea – Peppermint Chamomile
  • Passamaquoddy hard maple candy
  • Tea Basket

Please note that the wholesale and retail prices for gift boxes/bundled items are the same. When you purchase a gift box or bundled items, you save money on each individual product.

*Some item flavors may be substituted based on availability. 

** Wild rice has been a staple of Native American diets for more than 10,000 years. Manoomin – Ojibwe for “good seed” – is packed with fiber and protein and typically packs 130 calories per cup, cooked. Wild rice grows in the Great Lakes area and is considered a gift from the spirits; it is included in nearly every Ojibwe ceremony. In the past, battles were fought over access to wild rice, because it could sustain Tribes through cold Northern winters.

Wild rice is a versatile grain with many uses. It can stand alone as a side dish, but can also be used as a substitute for grain in many dishes. Wild rice is often used in batter for muffins, waffles and pancakes to add texture and flavor. It can also be pureed and mixed with fruit preserves as a delicious treat or sweet topping.