Sakari Farms, Salves

Grandmother’s Salve

  • This salve is made from locally grown Yarrow, Comfrey, Sweetgrass and Pinon Pine collected from the Navajo Nation.
    This is a great salve for the winter months for dry skin, and is also wonderful in the summer for calloused hands or scrapes, cuts, and bug bites. Apply liberally to rashes, burns, splinters, insect bites, minor scrapes and wounds, dry, cracked skin, or other ailing body parts. Re-apply often or as needed. Can also be used as a chest rub to clear congestion & open up the lungs. This salve makes a wonderful moisturizer for dry skin and is popular with men and women because of its deliciously earthy scent.
  • To use, massage small amount into area of healing.

White Sage Salve

  • The White Sage Salve is made with locally grown Yarrow, White Sage, Sweetgrass and Beeswax. It uses locally made Sweetgrass Oil, along with fresh cut flowers from the White Sage/Yarrow to produce a healing salve for all purposes. It contains anti-inflammatory properties, promotes skin circulation and opens up pores.
  • To use, massage a small amount into area of healing.