Tanka Bar

Be Tanka! Live Life Powerfully!

The Oglala Lakotas, on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, have a deep commitment to helping the People, the Buffalo and Mother Earth. They strive to provide you with the very best foods that are sustainably grown by Native American producers, minimally processed with care and respect, to help you feed mind, body and spirit.

To “Be Tanka” means to LIVE LIFE POWERFULLY: In harmony with your spirit and with the earth. They created Tanka products to help you do just that.

Tanka products are built on our ancestors’ knowledge of the Ideal Portable Energy for endurance, top performance and healthful life. Based on traditional wasna and pemmican, they combine high-protein, prairie-fed buffalo and tart-sweet cranberries.

Tanka Bar Flavors / Ingredients / Nutrition Facts

Slow Smoked Original

Smoky and slightly sweet, Tanka Bar Slow Smoked Original is tender, delicious and our top-selling product. When we started working on the recipe for Tanka Bar, we were trying to meld authentic Native ingredients and flavors into a bar that would honor our past, yet fit how we live today. We started with the traditional recipe for wasna, then we modernized it. The flavors of meat with fruit are perfect and honors our intent to produce a trust-worthy product.

INGREDIENTS: Buffalo, Dried Cranberries (cranberries, sugar), Water, Salt & less than 2% of Flavorings, Red Pepper, Granulated Garlic, Granulated Onion, Encapsulated Lactic Acid.

NUTRITION FACTS PER 1-OZ SERVING: Calories 70; Total Fat 1.5g; Cholesterol 15mg; Sodium 260mg; Total Carb 7g; Protein 7g

Coffee Hatch Chili

The Tanka Bar Coffee Hatch Chile bar features a blend of turkey and buffalo slow-smoked for a tender, smoky taste. The rich flavor of roasted coffee and the distinctive spice of Hatch Chile make this bar a truly satisfying snacking experience.

INGREDIENTS: Turkey, Cranberries (cranberries, sugar), Buffalo, Coffee, Sea Salt, Hatch Pepper, Celery Juice Powder, Black Pepper, Granulated Garlic, Nutmeg, Spices, Ginger, Cinnamon, Clove.

NUTRITION FACTS PER 1-OZ SERVING: Calories 80; Total Fat 2g; Cholesterol 20mg; Sodium 340mg; Total Carb 9g; Protein 7g


You asked for more heat and we answered with one of our NEW flavors, the Tanka Bar Jalapeno. This bar turns it up a notch with dried and ground jalapeno pepper but still gives you the subtle tart sweetness of cranberries. Turkey adds a savory finish to this traditional snack with an edge.

INGREDIENTS: Turkey, Buffalo, Dried Cranberries (cranberries, sugar), Sea Salt, Dried Jalapeno Peppers, Celery Juice, Encapsulated Lactic Acid, Black Pepper, Ground Jalapeno Pepper, Red Pepper, Ground Habanero Pepper, Spices, Granulated Garlic, Onion Powder.

NUTRITION FACTS PER 1-OZ SERVING: Calories 80; Total Fat 2g; Cholesterol 20mg; Sodium 340mg; Total Carb 9g; Protein 7g

Apple Orange Peel

The Tanka Bar Apple Orange Peel features prairie-raised Buffalo meat and tart-sweet Cranberries combined with Apples and Orange Peel. The crisp sweet Apples and the tang of Orange Peel give the slow-smoked Buffalo a great citrus punch. Mellow and delicious, our new Apple Orange Peel flavor comes in Tanka Bites and Tanka Sticks!

INGREDIENTS: Buffalo, Dried Cranberries (cranberries, sugar), Dried Apples, Sea Salt, Encapsulated Lactic Acid, Celery Juice, Black Pepper, Cane Juice, Dehydrated Orange Peel, Spices, Cinnamon, Onion and Garlic Powder

NUTRITION FACTS PER 1-OZ SERVING: Calories 70; Total Fat 3g; Cholesterol 15mg; Sodium 230mg; Total Carb 6g; Protein 7g

Spicy Pepper (Currently Out Of Stock)

The Tanka Bar Spicy Pepper has the same tender and slightly sweet texture you have come to love with the addition of a nice spiciness that brings just the right amount of heat. We bring the heat without all the chemicals you’re likely to find in many other products — just pure, delicious jalapenos and habaneros. We stick to our mission of providing the best food possible and our spicy Tanka Bar is no exception. It’s this delicious combination of spicy-sweet buffalo goodness that has been honored with a Backpacker magazine 2010 Editor’s Choice Award!

INGREDIENTS: Buffalo, Dried Cranberries, (cranberries, sugar), Sea Salt, Black Pepper, Habanero, Jalapeno, Spice, Red Pepper, Onion, Garlic, Encapsulated Lactic Acid.

NUTRITION FACTS PER 1-OZ SERVING: Calories 70; Total Fat 2g; Cholesterol 20mg; Sodium 260mg; Total Carb 7g; Protein 7g

  • No MSG
  • No Soy
  • No Lactose
  • No Nitrates
  • No Antibiotics or Added Hormones
  • Certified Gluten-Free
  • 7g Protein per bar