2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for the perfect gift this holiday season? Why not support Tribes across the nation while you’re at it! Whether you’re looking to treat someone to a gift box or you want something small, we have you covered.  

Gifts for her  

Unwind bundle  $24.99 includes:

  • Haipazaza Phezuta Bath Bomb 
  • Haipazaza Phezuta Huckleberry Soap Bar 
  • Ioway Bee Farm Lip Balm – Cherry 
  • White sage bundle 5” 
  • Native American Herbal Tea – Good Medicine (12 tea bags) 

Skincare bundle $34.99 includes: 

  • Haipazaza Phezuta Huckleberry Soap Bar 
  • Ioway Bee Farm Lotion Bar – Small/Unscented 
  • Sweetgrass Trading Co. Candle – Lavender Lemongrass 
  • Native American Herbal Tea – Good Medicine (12 tea bags) 

Candle set $37.99 includes:

  • Three SweetGrass Trading Company candles with your choice of scent (Cedwarwood Juniper Berry, Lavender Lemongrass, Patchouli, Sage or Sweetgrass) 

Gifts for him 

Wild Smoked Favorites bundle $39.99 includes:

  • SeaBear Smokehouse traditional wooden keepsake box, 6 oz. smoked sockeye salmon 
  • Smoked wild salmon jerk 
  • Three slow-smoked original Tanka bars 

Beard care gift set $29.99 includes:

  • Sakari Botanicals beard oil 
  •  ArXotica Mammoth Soap (unscented) 

Gifts for everyone 

Home Chef starter box $54.99 includes:

  • The Sioux Chef’s Indigenous Kitchen cookbook 
  • Red Lake Nation quick-cook wild rice 
  • Sakari Botanicals Cedar smoked salt (2 oz.) 
  • Seka Hills extra-virgin olive oil (250 mL) 

Take Care of Yourself box $64.99 includes:

  • Native American Tea Company- Victory (12 tea bags) 
  • White sage stick 5”  
  • Abalone shell and handcrafted wooden stand  
  • Sweetgrass braid 
  • SweetGrass Trading Company candle 
  • Ioway Bee Farm Honey lip balm 
  • Ioway Bee Farm small honey bear (2 oz.)  
  • Ioway Bee Farm lotion bar 
  • Ceramic artisan mug 

WoodenKnife Frybread/ Ioway Bee Farm Honey Gift Set $12.99 includes:

  • WoodenKnife frybread mix (1 lb.) 
  •  Ioway Bee Farm honey bear (12 oz.) 

Small gifts and stocking stuffers 

Haipazaza Phezuta bath bombs $4.00 ea. 

Haipazaza Phezuta “I’m Your Huckleberry” soap and shampoo bar $7.00 ea. 

Tanka bar $3.99 ea. 

Ioway Bee Farm lip balm $3.99 ea. 

Ioway Bee Farm 2 oz. Honey bear $3.99 ea. 

White sage 5” smudges $4.99 ea. 

Stocking stuffer bundle $39.99 includes:

  • Two (2 oz.) Ioway Bee Farm honey bears 
  • 1 pack of Ioway Bee Farm honey sticks (strawberry) 
  • 2 original Tanka bars  
  • 2 small (white 5”) sage smudges