Top indigenous podcasts and radio shows

If you need to pass the time during your commute, exercise routine or while doing household chores, check out these podcasts from across Indian country. These podcasts and radio shows tell stories and news through a Native lens and are both interesting and inspirational. We’ve made a list of a few of our favorites, but there are many more available on podcast directories such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Stitcher. 

Toasted Sister  
Hosted by Andi Murphy, this podcast dives into the rich history of indigenous cuisine. You’ll hear from Native chefs and those working to restore indigenous food systems, and learn more about reconnecting with traditional foods. On the podcast’s website, Murphy states, “After contact, Indigenous foodways and knowledge were devastated, nearly destroyed and replaced with foods that are far from the people. So today, I’m talking to Native chefs and foodies about what Indigenous cuisine is, where it comes from, where it’s headed and how it’s used to connect them and their communities to their origins and traditions.”  

Native Seed  
This podcast also focuses on Native food and agriculture, but with a slightly different approach and a focus on wild and cultivated Native seeds. In this podcast you’ll hear from researchers, farmers, elders and advocates about the importance of restoring and protecting native heirloom seeds. Native Seed is produced by the Cultural Conservancy, a Native-led indigenous rights nonprofit organization based in San Francisco.  

All My Relations  
Hosted by Matika Wilbur (Tulalip and Swinomish) and Adrienne Keene (Cherokee), this podcast explores what it means to be Native today. The podcast explores everything from Native relationships, food sovereignty, appropriation, politics and more. All My Relations features various indigenous voices to celebrate Native culture and dive deep into the issues facing Natives today.  

Media Indigena  
Media Indigena is a weekly roundtable discussion focusing on current affairs in the Native community. Hosted by Rick Harp, the podcast features journalists, academics and storytellers. The podcast began in 2016 when Harp realized Native affairs were not being discussed on mainstream radio. Recent topics explored in the podcast include the COVID-19 pandemic, land rights, and indigenous gender and sexuality.  

Native Trailblazers  
Native Trailblazers is a weekly radio program with more than half a million listeners worldwide and is led by Vincent Schilling and Delores Schilling. The show focuses on spotlighting members of the Native community who are making big contributions to their tribes and society at large. Visit the website to hear from Native artists, musicians, actors, educators, activists and more!  

Native America Calling  
Native America Calling, a “national electronic talking circle,” is a live call-in radio program. The show links public radio stations, the internet and listeners together in thought-provoking conversations about current issues facing Native communities. Each program features guests and experts and invites callers to join in and ask questions and add to the conversation. According to the show’s website, the show is designed to improve the quality of life for Native Americans.  

Red Man Laughing  
Red Man Laughing is a podcast dedicated to discussing indigenous arts and culture. According to the website, the podcast is “rooted squarely at the intersection between the good, the bad and the ugly between Indian Country and the mainstream.” This podcast features special guests from the Native community and host Ryan McMahon, Anishinaabe comedian, is sure to make you laugh.   

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