Top indigenous blogs to read today

Want to learn more about Native culture and modern issues surrounding Indian Country? Check out these popular blogs, then tell us your favorite Native-focused blog in the comments!

Turtle Talk 
Turtle Talk is known as the “leading blog on legal issues in Indian Country.” Visit this blog to hear from Native lawyers, educators and other professionals about current issues, laws and cases that affect Native people.  

Native Appropriations 
This blog dives deep into societal issues concerning Natives today. Topics covered include cultural appropriation, stereotypes and activism. Native Appropriations is authored by Adrienne Keene, who is also a host of the All My Relations podcast. Guest writers include activists, authors, educators and other leaders in Indian Country. 

Beyond Buckskin 
Beyond Buckskin began as a blog written by Dr. Jessica R. Metcalfe (Turtle Mountain Chippewa), who holds a PhD in American Indian Studies. Her doctoral dissertation focused on Native American fashion; in an effort to share her findings, she started the blog in 2009. The blog celebrates and promotes Native arts, culture and fashion, and eventually led to the development of a boutique business offering Native American clothing and accessories.  

Project 562 
According to its website, Project 562 is a “multi-year national photography project dedicated to photographing over 562 federally recognized tribes in The United States in an effort to create an unprecedented repository of imagery and oral histories that accurately portrays contemporary Native Americans.” The blog was created by Matika Wilbur, a host of the All My Relations podcast. 

Views from the Clearing 
Views from the Clearing is authored by Kat Simonds, a Native (Narragansett and Pequot) and African-American writer living in Rhode Island. In the blog, Simonds reflects on history, politics, culture and what it means to be an Indigenous, African-American millennial  in our current world. 

Native Hope 
According to the blog’s website, “Native hope exists to address the injustice done to Native Americans.” The blog uses storytelling techniques paired with impactful programs to bring healing and hope to Indian Country. The blog features leaders and activists across Native America who bring Native issues and challenges to light and provides resources to help Natives face disadvantages. 

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