Snacks for your next outdoor adventure

Hiking and camping season has arrived! We’ve made a list of snack ideas that are healthy and can be easily packed and stored for outdoor travel. Share your favorite camping snacks with us in the comments.  

P.S. Don’t forget to protect your skin and apply Little Hands Hawaii sunscreen before heading outdoors! 

Tanka Bars 
Tanka buffalo bars are built on our ancestors’ knowledge of the Ideal Portable Energy for endurance, top performance and healthful life. Based on traditional wasna and pemmican, they combine high-protein, prairie-fed buffalo and tart-sweet cranberries to keep you fueled through a long hike. 

Smoked Salmon Jerky   
A favorite of visitors to SeaBear Smokehouse, this snack is made from fillets of wild salmon. 100% natural, with a deep smoky flavor, and a perfect chewy texture. You can’t go wrong with packing some jerky for a hike, kayak trip or camping. 

Honey sticks 
These honey sticks make a great snack when you need a boost of energy. Located in Northeast Kansas, Southeast Nebraska, and Northwest Missouri, Ioway Bee Farm honey bees have access to a diverse plant life that includes sweet clover, wildflowers and a variety of tree species. This diversity gives the honey a unique, sweet flavor. 

Chips and Santa Fe Seasons salsa 
Fresh Roma tomatoes are roasted over an open flame to intensify and sweeten their flavor. Smoky Chipotle Chiles round out the rich flavor of this delicious salsa. This salsa is happy to accompany a steak or chips. Pack some corn chips or tortillas to pair with salsa for an easy meal! 

Peanut butter and chokecherry jelly sandwiches 
Wild chokecherries (asasaweminan) resemble tiny black cherries but have a tart bite. This lush, ruby jelly has a natural sweet port-soaked cherry flavor that is hands down our best seller. Pack some bread and peanut butter for an easy snack on the go. 

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