Nemi plant-based snacks

photo of Nemi snacks

Nemi was founded by Mexican native Regina Trillo in 2019, after not feeling represented when she visited the “ethnic” aisle at a grocery store in Chicago.  She found well-established brands showing Mexican-inspired products in a stereotypical way and using questionable ingredients.  

I started Nemi with the idea of combining my 3 passions: health, transparency and LOVE for chips,” Trillo states on the Nemi website. “At 14, I witnessed the effect that the lack of access to education has in rural communities in Mexico and decided to become a human rights attorney. When I began feeling the emotional and physical toll of practicing law, I searched for balance and dove into the world of health and wellness.”  

Located in Chicago, Nemi is about more than creating delicious, natural snacks. In Náhuatl, the Aztec language, Nemi means “to live.” Regina lives for cravingly crunchy, addictive snacks. Inspired by her native Mexico, she makes deeply deliciosos snack sticks with ancestral superfoods and flavors “straight outta the cocina.” Fiber and protein get baked right in. “Más sabor, menos junk!” 

Nemi snacks are made with amaranth seeds and nopal (cactus), which are both drought-resistant and good for Mother Earth. Nemi partners with small independent farmers in Mexico and works with women of color. 

“Nemi is proud to partner with SweetGrass, a store supporting diversity and inclusion, and providing access to fellow BIPOC-owned brands unapologetically sharing our stories and elevating our culture,” Trillo said. 

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