SweetGrass YouTube channel seeks to educate consumers on using Native American foods

Smoked salmon pasta dish

One of the main goals at SweetGrass is to make Native-made products accessible to all through our online store. We want to make sure everyone, even those in urban areas, are able to purchase things like sage, Indian Corn, wild rice and Native-made beauty products. However, it’s about more than accessibility — it’s also about education.  

In 2020, SweetGrass began a major project to create recipe videos showing customers how to use some of the Native foods that we sell. Sure, anyone can buy wild rice or Tepary beans from our website — but what if they don’t know how to cook with it? The project aims to help the everyday user understand how these foods can be used in both traditional and modern dishes.  

The YouTube channel contains some traditional dishes such as Indian Corn Soup and a Three Sisters Rice Bowl. In addition, recipes using more modern ingredients are also included, such as Smoked Salmon Pasta and “Unstuffed” pepper soup with wild rice and ground bison.  

Visit the YouTube channel here. Please like and subscribe and feel free to comment any questions or future recipe suggestions.  

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