Cooking with salsa: thinking beyond the tortilla chip

photo of Apple Canyon salsa jar

When most of us think of salsa, we probably associate it with a heaping bowl of tortilla chips. Salsa is such a versatile condiment that can be used in a variety of unique, delicious ways. Here are some ideas we came up with. Order our Apple Canyon Gourmet salsa today and try some of these out, then let us know your favorite way to use salsa in the comments! 

  1. Spice up an omelet 

Add salsa to eggs, veggies and sausage and wrap it into a burrito for the perfect, nutritious breakfast. 

  1. Use as a delicious topping for fish 

Top your grilled fish with salsa for extra flavor and a spicy kick. Wrap your fish and salsa in a foil packet on the grill to avoid a mess. 

  1. Use it as a marinade 

You can mix thinned down salsa with some canola oil and freshly squeezed lime or lemon juice and use it as a marinade on your meat of choice. 

  1. Add it to a baked potato 

Forget the plain, buttered baked potato. Kick things up a notch by adding some seasoned ground beef and a dollop of salsa to make your own “taco potato.” 

  1. Cook it with chicken breasts 

Add some salsa with thawed chicken breasts and dump it all into your slow cooker. Once it’s cooked through, shred the chicken and use it to fill tortillas or make a healthy southwest chicken salad.  

  1. Add it to corn grits 

Top your Ramona Farms Pima corn grits with a spoonful of salsa and a poached egg for a balanced breakfast, lunch or snack.  

  1. Make compound butter 

Mix salsa well with softened butter and store it in the fridge to add to steaks and other meats during the cooking process. 

  1. If all else fails, grab the chips 

Go ahead and make your own blue corn tortilla chips using Bow and Arrow blue cornmeal. Dip away! 

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