Why olive oil quality matters 

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Have you been using the cheaper olive oil you can find on the shelf? You might be missing out on various health benefits and better tasting food! When it comes to olive oil, quality and source matters. Below we’ve covered a few of the reasons why you shouldn’t always reach for the least expensive bottle, and how you can find the best quality oil for your needs! 

Packaging matters 

First and foremost, when looking for a high-quality olive oil, you should judge by the bottle. Cheaper oils tend to come in clear plastic or glass containers that allow more light to enter. This decreases the quality of the oil quicker. The best quality oils will come in metal or dark glass bottles.  

Fresh olive oil is better for your body 

Studies have shown that fresh extra virgin olive oil contains more polyphenols, micronutrients that are found in plants and supplements. Polyphenols protect the body’s tissues against disease such as cancer, coronary heart disease and inflammation.  

Higher quality oil means better taste 

Higher quality olive oils overall have a more robust flavor profile. Lower priced oils tend to “lack character,” and most of them have similar tastes. When you invest in a better quality extra virgin olive oil, you can start developing your palate and notice many different flavors and sensations such as herbaceous, peppery, rich and spicy.  

Where should I start? 

If you’re looking for a great quality olive oil at an affordable price, head to our website for a bottle of Seka Hills Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This is a versatile oil with layers of green and ripe fruit with balanced pepperiness, and is an ideal everyday oil that can be used for sautéing and baking, in salad dressings, marinades, and for dipping and drizzling. 

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