Maple syrup recipes that are perfect for autumn

There’s something about the toasty, sweet and savory taste of maple syrup that makes it the perfect addition to fall recipes and comfort food. Below, you’ll find a list of some of our favorite recipes* that utilize this versatile ingredient. Choose your favorite recipe and pick up your own bottle of Passamaquoddy Maple Syrup from our online store.   

bottle of passamaquoddy maple syrup with white background

Autumn Harvest Cookies 

Wild rice, sunflower butter, maple syrup and cranberries make these cookies a perfect fall treat. Pair with a mug of warm tea or coffee for the ultimate autumn treat!  

Hazelnut Milk 

This simple and delicious dairy-free milk alternative is perfect drizzled into tea, coffee, or warmed up on its own. Step up your breakfast by pouring hazelnut milk over granola or your favorite cereal. 

Maple Sage Roasted Vegetables 

Roasting vegetables draws out their moisture, condensing and intensifying flavors and making textures thicker and heartier. Feel free to use whatever vegetables are in season. Autumn squash, timpsula and sweet potatoes are a good choice. Garnish with toasted nuts, serve over wild rice, or on a bed of greens. 

Three Sisters Mash 

The iconic three sisters — beans, corn and squash — are the stars in this easy-to-make dish. Simply heat the ingredients in oil on the stove and serve warm! 

These recipes are from by the book “The Sioux Chef’s Indigenous Kitchen” by Sean Sherman. We have made slight adjustments using our favorite SweetGrass Trading Co. products. 

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