Ho-Chunk Trading Group Scholarship application is now open

Green chalkboard background with gold piggy bank wearing glasses and graduation cap and small white diploma

The 2023 Ho-Chunk Trading Group Scholarship application is now open! We are proud to offer one $1,250 scholarship for an eligible Native college student who is an enrolled member of an Indian Tribe. The scholarship is awarded each year to a successful applicant to help them finance their education in a 4-year college, 2-year community or technical college. 

To be eligible, students must: 

  • Be undergraduate students who have not already earned a bachelor’s degree 
  • Be an enrolled Tribal member of a qualified Indian Tribe. (See qualified Indian Tribes/Reservations at www.hochunktradinggroup.com.)  
  • Be accepted to an accredited four-year school, a two-year college or approved trade school.  
  • Be currently maintaining a 3.0 or higher GPA 

The application deadline is July 30, 2023. You can find more criteria and the application at https://sweetgrasstradingco.com/native-scholarship-program/.  

SweetGrass Trading Company is a member of Ho-Chunk Trading Group. Our mission is to help provide economic opportunity for the Winnebago Tribe. But we are also dedicated to helping other Native people get a hand up to build a better future. 

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