Employee Spotlight: Rachel Steinkamp

photo of Rachel Steinkamp in a gray t shirt

What is your education and background? I am a senior graduating in May from Morningside University in Sioux City, IA, with a Bachelor of Arts in graphic design and photography and a minor in advertising and religious studies. I was very active while at Morningside and enjoyed my four years at the University.

What is your position and role at SweetGrass Trading Company? I am a social media coordinator for SweetGrass Trading Company, Pony Express gas stations and convenience stores, Tribal Tea Company, and Sweetwater Café. This means I prep social media content and interact with our customers and followers!

What do you hope to achieve in your role here?

I hope to bring our products and businesses to those who don’t know about us yet. This company has a deep history and meaning behind it that should be shared and I am excited to do that through promotion of products and businesses on social media.

What inspires you to succeed? 

Personal growth is what inspires me. I like to reflect back on my work and see how much I have grown. However, my parents also inspire me to succeeded they support everything I do and bring a lot of joy when they see me following my passions.

What do you do in your free time?

I adopted a dog about 3 years ago now (German Shepherd-Border Collie mix ) who is essentially my child. I take her on walks, adventures, hikes, coffee dates, we basically go everywhere we can together. I also love hanging out with my friends and family going to different restaurants and trying new things.