Five recipes that use ingredients from the garden

bundle of fresh garden vegetables in a wooden crate
Photo by Zoe Schaeffer on Unsplash

Whether you have your own garden, use a community garden or buy fresh produce from a roadside stand, the recipe options using fresh garden fruits and veggies are nearly limitless. We’ve listed five recipes below using some of our favorite summer vegetables.

Crunchy corn salad
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This recipe features freshly cut corn kernels, succulent tomatoes, lively red onions, crunchy cucumbers, savory feta cheese, fragrant herbs, and a zesty dressing. This dish pairs well with nearly any grilled protein, including burgers, chicken breasts or mushrooms. This would make the perfect dish to bring on a picnic or pot luck!

Salsa with Tepary beans
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Utilize your homegrown, crisp garden vegetables in this adaptable and delectable salsa, enhanced with Indigenous Tepary Beans. You can spice this salsa up with hotter peppers, or keep it mild with green bell peppers. This is a customizable salsa that is sure to be a hit—serve it hot or cold with chips, veggies or as a topping on proteins!

Parmesan zucchini and corn side
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If you have an abundance of zucchini, look no further than this savory dish. Elevate any meal with this nutritious side dish ready in just 10 minutes. Its simplicity is matched only by its rich flavor – a truly delightful and colorful addition to your plate!

“Any pepper” hot sauce
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Whether you like things mild and sweet, spicy, savory or a little bit of it all—you can customize your own homemade hot sauce using fresh peppers from the garden. In just 20 minutes you can stay mild with green bell peppers or feel the heat with habanero.

Classic cucumber vinegar salad
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Experience the refreshing tang of this cucumber and dill vinegar salad, using crisp cucumbers and onion slices that are quickly seasoned in a delightful vinegar-based dressing. Spice things up with slices of crispy peppers if you want to kick things up a notch!

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