Five unexpected ways to use Navajo Mike’s Barbecue Sauce

Established in 2020, Navajo Mike’s Barbecue started as a small dream in the kitchen and now has become a reality in the heart of Tempe, Arizona. Blending old-fashioned-style barbecue sauce with the homegrown taste of Arizona and diverse herbs and spices.

Navajo Mike’s “Original” Southwest Style Barbecue Sauce can be used as more than a topping for ribs or a chicken nugget dipping sauce. Below, we’ve highlighted five unexpected ways to put this tangy, savory sauce to work in the kitchen.

Navajo Mikes Barbecue Sauce

Add it to your favorite chili recipe
Adding barbecue sauce to a chili recipe can add a rich and smoky flavor that kicks the taste up a notch. The tangy sweetness of the sauce complements the savory notes of the meat and beans, creating a well-balanced and dynamic flavor, and adding depth and complexity to your favorite chili.

Use it as a pizza topping
Incorporating barbecue sauce as a pizza topping can transform a classic pizza into a tantalizing and unexpected culinary delight. Whether used as a base instead of traditional tomato sauce or drizzled on top of the pizza, barbecue sauce adds a smoky and robust dimension to each bite. Experimenting with various combinations of meats, vegetables, and cheeses can be a fun way to explore new flavors with your family. Try this barbecue chicken pizza recipe to get started!

Spice up your baked potatoes
Adding barbecue sauce to a baked potato can be a delicious way to elevate this classic comfort food. The savory and smoky undertones of the sauce enhance the natural earthiness of the potato, creating a flavorful and satisfying combination. Toppings like shredded cheese, crispy bacon, or green onions can complement the barbecue sauce, transforming a simple baked potato into an indulgent treat.

Make veggies more enticing
Incorporating barbecue sauce into vegetable dishes can be a game-changer, turning what might be considered mundane into a flavorful and exciting culinary experience. The sweet and smoky nuances of the sauce infuse vegetables with a rich taste that even kids will enjoy. Whether used as a glaze for grilled vegetables, a dipping sauce for roasted veggies, or stirred into vegetable stir-fries, barbecue sauce brings a burst of savory flavor that makes each bite more enticing. We can’t wait to try this barbecue-stewed carrots recipe!

Mix it into your mac and cheese
Elevating mac and cheese with the addition of barbecue sauce and meat transforms this beloved comfort food into a savory masterpiece. Start by preparing a classic macaroni and cheese base, then introduce a generous drizzle of Navajo Mike’s Barbecue Sauce. For a protein-packed upgrade, fold in tender chunks of grilled or smoked meat, such as pulled pork, shredded chicken, or even brisket. The combination of cheesy goodness, barbecue sauce, and savory meat creates a dynamic trio that adds depth and richness to every bite.

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  1. Molly Roe says:

    Hi, Jane. The Navajo Mike’s Southwest Style BBQ Sauce that we offer contains the following per 2 tbsp serving: 0g fat, 220mg sodium, 15g carbohydrates, 13g total sugars (8g added sugars), and is 60 calories per serving. Thank you!

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