Honor Indigenous culture this Thanksgiving with a Native dish

This Thanksgiving, we encourage you to see the Holiday through a Native perspective. While many of us learned that the first Thanksgiving included a joyful, peaceful meal between Native people and pilgrims, that isn’t the case at all.  

In reality, the assembly of the Wampanoag people and English settlers in 1621 was less about a friendly celebration and meal and more about political alliances and diplomacy. The Wampanoag people shared their knowledge of the land and environment with the English settlers and made treaties with them. In spite of their agreements, the English continued to spread illness, encroach on Native land and attack Native people and their resources. 

It’s important to remember that Native people celebrate Thanksgiving in different ways. Some tribes view Thanksgiving as a day of mourning and loss. Many others still celebrate a tradition of sharing a meal, praying and giving thanks on this holiday.  

We encourage you to celebrate mindfully by learning about the Native land you’re currently residing on, research the history of the first Thanksgiving and adding some Native dishes to your Thanksgiving Day spread. Below are some delicious and hearty ideas you and your family will be sure to enjoy: 

Cheesy broccoli and wild rice casserole 

indian corn soup
Indian corn soup

Three sisters wild rice bowls 

Indian Corn soup 

Bison meatloaf 

Elk stew with Tepary beans 

Visit our YouTube channel or our recipe collection for even more ideas. Share your favorite Native recipe with us in the comments! 

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