What is Native American Heritage Month?

(photo by Jerry L Mennenga©)

November is National Native American Heritage Month, also called American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month. This serves as a time to recognize the sacrifices and contributions of Native people and honor their rich and vibrant cultures.   

Both Natives and non-Natives can celebrate this month by learning more about Native culture and supporting the Native community. There are close to 600 federally recognized tribes in the United States that you can learn more about and honor. Below are some ideas on how to celebrate this special month.  

Learn about the land you live on 

One important way to honor Native culture is to learn about the land you currently live on. What tribes live there now? What tribes originally lived there? Use this tool to find out more about the land you’re on so you can properly honor and respect Native communities in your area.  

Once you’ve done your research, see if any of the Tribes in your area are holding any special events or festivals you can attend to learn more about Native culture. 

Listen to a Native podcast 

During your morning commute, exercise routine, or whenever you like to listen to podcasts, take the time to learn more about Indigenous people. We have compiled a list of some of our favorite Native American podcasts and radio shows to help get you started.  

Shop Native businesses this Holiday season 

You probably already have a long list of people to shop for this Holiday season…why not support Native businesses at the same time? This list from powwows.com highlights dozens of Native businesses carrying everything from food to clothing to jewelry to art. Do your own research as well to find your favorite Native business to support this year! 

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