MORE health benefits of drinking tea 

Photo of pitcher of tea being poured into blue mugs

We previously covered the potential health benefits of enjoying a cup of tea, including soothing an upset stomach, improving sleep and blood pressure and managing weight. Today, we will cover even more health benefits. What are you waiting for? Grab a cup of Tribal Tea Co. loose-leaf herbal tea and start your health journey today! 

Fights inflammation 
Inflammation is the way your immune system responds to an irritation, injury or infection. Herbal tea contains plant-based compounds called polyphenols. Research has shown that some polyphenols may have anti-inflammatory properties and can protect the body from some chronic diseases. 

Lowers risk of cancer and heart disease 
Because of the polyphenols we mentioned above, enjoying a delicious cup of tea may help lower your risk of cancer, heart disease and some other chronic diseases. Some researchers believe that polyphenols can help kill cancerous cells and even stop them from growing.  

Improves bone health 
Those polyphenols have even more potential benefits. They have been shown to help “increase bone mineralization, delay bone mineral density reduction, and increase the levels of vitamin D in your body.” All of this basically means that drinking tea on a regular basis may help build and strengthen your bones. 

Supports skin health 
The antioxidants in herbal tea can help combat free radicals and support skin cells. The detoxifying properties of tea can help improve overall skin health, especially if you are prone to inflammation, dullness and occasional blemishes. 

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