Pinon Pine: How can I use it and what are its benefits?

Pinon Pine needles

Pinon Pine has been used for thousands of years by Indigenous people. The trees grow primarily in the Southwest, especially in New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona and Utah. Pinon Pine trees are most known for yielding edible pine nuts, a staple in Indigenous cooking.  

Because Pinon Pine trees thrive in dry climates, they don’t require a lot of water, making it an eco-friendly tree. Pine nuts can be enjoyed as a snack, but there are several other ways they can be used in health and wellness routines.  

Smudging with Pinon Pine 
Pinon Pine needles can be tied into bundles and used in prayer and ceremonies. It boasts many benefits and is used for protection and prosperity. Burning pinon pine needles creates a serene, inviting environment and can help clear your space. Non-natives should learn about the importance of this sacred medicine before smudging, including learning about the Native land they currently reside on. 

Pinon Pine oils and salves 
Pinon Pine oil is great for the respiratory system and can help treat infections such as pneumonia and influenza. The needles have been known to relieve inflammation, as well as symptoms of stress and depression. Pinon pine oil also acts as a natural antiseptic, making it a great salve. You can purchase Bison Star Naturals Sage Pine Lotion on our website and see for yourself! 

Cooking with Pinon Pine  
Pinon Pine nuts can be added to homemade pesto to enrich the flavor and add texture. The pine nuts add a nutty flavor and a thick, creamy texture to any pesto recipe. You can also toast pinon pine nuts and add them to salad in lieu of almonds or sunflower seeds! Pine nuts also make a delicious garnish on many dips such as hummus or white bean dip. We also offer Sakari Farms smoked Pinon Pine salt, with a blend of Smoked Pacific Salt and local Pinon Pine. This salt can be used in baking, sweets, ice creams, brines and all meats and cheeses. 

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