Five ways to use canned seafood

Wooden box with three cans of Quinault Pride seafood; smoked king salmon, smoked steelhead and smoked coho salmon

Canned seafood, or conservas as they are known in Spain, has been a popular snack for centuries. It is a traditional part of the Spanish diet and can be found in most kitchens across the country. It is also an excellent source of protein and healthy fats, making it an ideal snack for those looking to improve their health and nutrition.  

You’re not bound to the same water-packed tuna and sardines. You can step it up with wild caught salmon (check out this variety pack in our shop!), trout, mackerel or clams…the possibilities are nearly endless! If you’re not sure how to use canned seafood, we’ve listed five ways below to help inspire you. 

Use as a topping on buttered bread 
There’s nothing quite like hot, buttery homemade bread. Why not add some protein and texture with canned seafood such as salmon or sardines? You could also add spices and herbs and vegetables such as caramelized or pickled onions for an extra flavor boost. 

Add to your charcuterie board 
Charcuterie boards are all the rage lately. Add some canned seafood for even more protein options! Place some of the seafood on bread and dip into homemade mustard or olive oil for a unique treat that will set your charcuterie board apart from others. 

Make a seafood pizza 
If you really love seafood, you’ve probably tried it on a pizza. And if you haven’t, now is your chance! Make your homemade pizza as you normally would, but get creative with your canned seafood. The only limit here is your imagination! 

Kick avocado toast up a notch 
Add some protein to your morning avocado toast for a kick of energy. Canned smoked salmon adds a delicious, savory flavor to avocado. Drizzle with some olive oil for extra health benefits and get ready to take on the day! 

Add to scrambled eggs or omelettes 
Eggs can be upgraded so easily, and adding canned mackerel, tuna or salmon is just one way to improve your breakfast. Make sure you add some greens such as spinach or watercress, as well as cheese for even more texture and flavor.  

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