Five Native-made products you need for your next summer cookout

Grill with open flame and hand holding a spatula over flame; person is wearing a denim apron and is outdoors
Photo by Vincent Keiman on Unsplash

Summertime is finally here, and it’s the perfect time for a good cookout with family and friends. Whether you’re making burgers, steaks, fish or veggies, we have some great Indigenous products that will kick your cookout up a notch. Get creative and share with us in the comments how you use your favorite SweetGrass Trading products! 

Sakari Farms smoked salts 
Sakari Farms smoked sea salts come in three unique flavors – cedar, nasturtium and pinon pine. Each flavor can be used as a topping on meat and fish, or to make a compound butter. You could also make foil pack potatoes on the grill using butter, pepper and smoked salt for flavor! 

Navajo Mike’s barbecue sauce 
A good quality barbecue sauce is essential for grilling! Navajo Mike’s Southwest Style Barbecue Sauce blends old-fashioned style barbecue sauce with the homegrown taste of Arizona and diverse herbs and spices. Drizzle it over ribs or pulled pork or use it as a marinade. 

Seka Hills olive oil 
Olive oil is a diverse oil that can be used in many ways, including as a marinade or a base for a beautiful salad dressing. Check out the Seka Hills website for recipe ideas such as Meyer Lemon Salad Dressing, which can be used as both a dressing and a topping for steamed or grilled veggies.  

Saunooke’s Mill chicken and fish seasoning 
If you’re cooking for little ones, this is a product you will definitely want to try! This chicken and fish fry has just a few natural ingredients:  corn-flour, potato flakes, salt, pepper, onions and paprika.  It’s GREAT on chicken strips, fish or veggies and the kids will love it! 

Ioway Bee Farm honey 
You may not have been expecting honey to be on a list of grilling essentials; however, if you apply honey to your meat or fish before grilling, it can help it get crispy and browned to perfection! You can also use this in a homemade marinade or dressing and sauces.  

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