Five products every tea drinker needs

Whether you have a tea lover in your life or you want to treat yourself, the possibilities are endless for thoughtful gifts. You can go with a functional option, such as a tea brewing basket, choose something fun, like a mug featuring Indigenous artwork, or purchase an all-in-one gift box filled with a variety of tea. Below we’ve compiled a brief list of some of our favorite products that a tea drinker needs, all of which can be purchased on our online store.

clear jar with Ioway Bee Farm honey sticks inside


Ioway Bee Farm honey sticks
For a boost of sweetness on-the-go, consider honey sticks as a natural tea sweetener. Located in Northeast Kansas, Southeast Nebraska, and Northwest Missouri, Ioway Bee Farm honeybees have access to a diverse plant life that includes sweet clover, wild flowers and a variety of tree species. This diversity gives the honey a unique, sweet flavor. The honey sticks come in seven delicious flavors: plain, raspberry, blueberry, strawberry, cinnamon, peach and blackberry.

bag of Passamaquoddy Maple maple candy drops

Passamaquoddy Maple hard candy maple drops
Another way to add a boost of natural sweetness to your tea is with hard maple candies from the Passamaquoddy Tribe in Maine. Harvesting maple syrup reaches far back to the Tribe’s early ancestral roots. While methods have evolved, the desire for the Passamaquoddy people to be with nature has not. This has a mission to produce a high-end, small batch product that will not only sustains tribal lands, but also create jobs for their people.

Finum Brewing Baske




Tea Steeper Spoon

Brewing basket or steeper spoon
When making loose leaf herbal tea, you have a few brewing options. If you’re making a larger batch, consider a brewing basket. This filter offers ample room for tea to unfold and release the full flavor and goodness. The basket is made of stainless-steel micro-mesh in a heat-tolerant frame from BpA-free material. If you only need a serving of tea, try steeping loose leaf tea with this stainless steel spoon. It is convenient to use, compact for easy storage, and can be used on all types of tea. In addition, both of these products are dishwasher safe!

SweetGrass Trading Company Mugs

SweetGrass Trading artisan mug
Start the day with a warm drink presented in a SweetGrass Trading Company Mug. Each 15 oz. mug is crafted of high-quality ceramic with a shiny finish and white color lining. Utilizing traditional Native American elements and patterns, our mugs offer a fresh, modern take on customary Indigenous artwork. With five beautiful options to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect design.

Tribal Tea Set includes 6 flavors and a steeping basket


Tea that supports Indigenous communities
Owned by the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska, Tribal Tea Co., offers a Native American herbal tradition with goodness in every sip. Choose from six distinct flavors: Cinnamon-Apricot, Juniper-Berry, Alfalfa-Spearmint, Peppermint-Chamomile, Cinnamon-Cardamom, and Hibiscus-Peppermint. The best part? 10% of proceeds goes to Mental Health centered non-profits focused on Native American communities.