Understanding our product classifications

SweetGrass Trading Company is dedicated to ensuring your shopping journey is delightful. Our commitment revolves around providing exquisite Native American cuisine and presents, all the while fostering other Tribal enterprises. A substantial portion of our merchandise originates from authentic Native American entrepreneurs. Some of our other products are crafted by artisans we feel are in harmony with nature or support Native American culture.

To help you make well-informed choices, we have introduced distinct emblems that indicate whether a product is Genuine Native American crafted or Authorized. Keep an eye out for these seals, allowing you to shop with certainty!

Authentic Native American Made
Any food or product that earns the Authentic seal must be made/produced/distributed by an officially recognized Native American business or individual Tribal member.

A few examples include: Ioway Bee Farm honey from the Ioway Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska; Seka Hills olive oil, owned and operated by the Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation in Northern California; and Sakari Farms products, owned by an Inupiaq Tribal member.  

Native American Authorized
To earn the SweetGrass Authorized seal, the food or product must deemed to be in harmony with the earth and sky, including at least one, and preferably two, of the following:

  • Represents Native American culture in a positive manner.
  • Made with all-natural products.
  • Is certified Organic.

Some examples of our Native American Authorized products include: SeaBear Smokehouse, a smoked salmon company that prides itself on sustainability and non-GMO ingredients; and Yaupon Brothers American Tea, a company that puts an emphasis on using earth-friendly processes and donates 5 percent of all sales to Chef Sean Sherman’s nonprofit, North American Traditional Indigenous Food Systems.

Limited/Seasonal items
From time to time, SweetGrass will label a product as Limited. This can include products from any category, but unfortunately have a limited or seasonal supply or will only be offered for a limited time (limited edition scent). Examples of these products are constantly changing. These products will always have a “Limited” item on their page, so grab them before they’re gone!


We are always seeking to expand our product catalog and find more Authentic Native American vendors. If you have any suggestions, ideas or questions please email us at sweetgrass@sweetgrasstradingco.com.

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