Five essential products to embrace the Spring season

Welcome to our guide to essential Spring products! From delectable snacks perfect for picnics and outdoor adventures to skincare essentials to combat dryness brought on by changing weather, we’ve curated a selection of products to enhance your Spring experience.

Ioway Bee Farm Honey
Honey is essential for its allergy-fighting properties and versatility. Its natural sweetness makes it a perfect addition to tea or to drizzle over frybread, enhancing flavors with a touch of Springtime goodness. Not only does it add sweetness to dishes, but honey also helps alleviate seasonal allergies, offering relief during the blooming season. Whether enjoyed straight from the spoon or incorporated into various recipes, honey is a simple ingredient for embracing the joys of Spring.

Bisonberry Blends Pemmican Bars
Pemmican Patty Bisonberry bars are the ideal snack for spring outdoor activities like camping, hiking, and picnics. Made from natural, traditional ingredients, these bars provide excellent fuel to keep you energized during your adventures. Their convenient size and portability make them easy to pack for on-the-go snacking, ensuring you stay fueled and satisfied while enjoying the great outdoors. Whether you’re trekking through trails or lounging in a sunny meadow, pemmican bison bars are a reliable and nourishing snack to have on hand for all your Springtime adventures.

Bisonberry Blends Bison and Beef Bar

Sakari Farms Salves
As the seasons shift and Spring blooms, Sakari Farms salves become an essential companion for your skincare routine. Crafted from locally sourced Yarrow, Comfrey, Sweetgrass, and Pinon Pine, each ingredient harvested from the vibrant landscapes of the Navajo Nation, these salves encapsulate the rejuvenating essence of the season. With a formula tailored to combat dryness and soothe irritation, they offer a nurturing touch for calloused hands, minor scrapes, cuts, and bothersome bug bites.

Sakari Farms white sage salve


Seka Hills Elderberry Balsamic Vinegar
Seka Hills Elderberry Balsamic Vinegar emerges as a perfect addition to Spring dishes, harnessing the healing powers of elderberries renowned for their anti-inflammatory properties and rich anthocyanin content. Its anti-inflammatory benefits not only promote overall well-being but also fortify the immune system, while the anthocyanins offer relief from allergic rhinitis symptoms, such as pesky runny noses, making it a delightful and health-conscious choice for springtime dining experiences.

Navajo Mike’s Southwest Style Barbecue Sauce
Navajo Mike’s Barbecue Sauce is an essential addition to your Spring pantry, elevating outdoor gatherings with its versatile flavor profile. Ideal for grilling enthusiasts, it enhances chicken, ribs, and various dishes with its savory tang, doubling as a delectable dip for added culinary flair. As spring beckons outdoor feasts and gatherings, Navajo Mike’s barbecue sauce stands as a must-have companion, adding a touch of Navajo-inspired culinary excellence to your celebrations.

Navajo Mikes Barbecue Sauce

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