SweetGrass supports university-led panel of residential school survivors

In partnership with Southern Oregon University (SOU), SweetGrass recently donated small gifts to boarding school survivors and descendants who were part of a panel for SOU’s Native American Programs: Boarding School Healing Community.  

SOU’s Native American Student Union and Native American Studies program have been working together since this summer to honor and bring awareness to the victims of 150 years of residential school assimilation and erasure practices.  

In August, the groups hosted an interactive art display to raise awareness for the Boarding School Healing project, led by the National Native American Boarding School Coalition. The display featured keepsakes and artifacts to honor the victims of residential schools and raise awareness of this tragedy. Schools across the nation have begun to offer classes and resources on this topic, though there is still much work, education and repair to be done.  

SOU gathered Native made items from Native owned businesses totaling more than $4,600 to gift to the panel speakers. The full discussion can be viewed here: SOESD – Southern Oregon Boarding School Healing Project.  

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