The Nizhoni Soap Company

Kamia Begay

The Nizhoni Soap Company was founded in July 2019 by now 12-year-old Kamia Begay. She and her parents, Rhianna Brown and the late Tom Begay, decided to start the business to share their all-natural Navajo Native American scents with the world.  

Kamia is in charge of her entire brand, with the help of her mother and a handful of employees. 

She makes all the products with help from her 11 employees and is in charge of product development and marketing. Her mother, Rhianna, is her biggest cheerleader throughout the process. 

The Begay family makes soaps in addition to air fresheners, room sprays, fragrance wax melts and more in the Farmington, NM, area. Nizhoni also has three retail locations in Farmington, NM, Albuquerque, NM, and in Mesa, AZ. 

“It’s very important working with Native-owned businesses to help promote and foster environments to help each other thrive and prosper,” Kamia said. “Coming from Shiprock, NM, I saw first-hand the lack of opportunity and I wanted to provide those.” 

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