Quinault Pride Seafood

Quinault Pride Seafood was established in 1960 by the Quinault Indian Nation on the Washington coast on the Olympic Peninsula. The Taholah, Washington, based company was founded to create economic sustainability through carrying on the way of life of the Quinault people. The company’s mission is to provide jobs to the community and preserve the Quinault heritage.  

According to the Quinault Pride website, “Our [Quinault] people have taken great care to safeguard the natural resources on which our ancestors survived centuries ago. The unsurpassed quality of our seafood products come to you from the pristine waters of the Quinault Indian Reservation on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula.” 

Quinault Pride Seafood offers fresh and canned smoked salmon, dungeness crab and razor clams, among other seafood options. Quinault Pride operates their processing facility in Taholah, serving both Tribal fisherman and razor clam harvesters. The company has two retail storefronts in Taholah and Amanda Park, featuring fresh and frozen seafood, handmade items and artwork from Quinault Tribal members. Visit the Quinault Pride website to learn more.  

SweetGrass proudly offers the Quinault Pride Smoked Salmon gift box, which includes one 6.5 oz can each of Smoked King Salmon, Smoked Steelhead, and Smoked Coho Salmon, packaged in a keepsake box featuring Quinault artwork.  

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  1. Molly Roe says:

    Hi, we do not sell razor clams at this time unfortunately. Yes, we do periodically have sales for special events and Holidays. We recommend signing up for our newsletter at the bottom of our home page to stay in touch!

  2. Sustainable Fishing says:

    It’s great to see seafood companies like this one using sustainable fishing methods, rooted in tradition. The only way the seafood industry will continue is if more companies do what this one is doing and take pride in the environmentally friendly seafood catching methods.

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